Not Sure What Type Of Shower System To Choose?

Concealed tub&shower systems solutions A safe built-in shower system, which protects the shower mixer from debris. Thermostatic mixer and single lever solutions to facilitate the work of installation operator and to guarantee functionality over time. Thermostatic Shower Systems VANCHI intelligent concealed thermostatic shower systems, with EN1111 for thermostatic technology standard. Easy installation and more safety, protecting […]

How To Customize Your Own Pressure Balance Valve?

As a professional faucet manufacturer, VANCHI offers various bathroom solutions of pressure balance valve. You can combine product design, color, functions and shower accessories freely, according to your requirements.

How Does Wall Mounted Thermostatic Shower System Work?

VANCHI thermostatic mixer consists of two handles, one temperature control handle and one water diverter handle. The temperature control handle will only adjust the temperature of the water and the water diverter handle will turn the unit on and off and switch the water outlet modes. The temperature control handle has a security stop preset […]

Why VANCHI Faucets Use High Quality Brass As The Raw Material?

As we know, there are 3 kinds of faucets mainly sold in the market, which including brass faucets, stainless steel faucets and zinc alloy faucets. So which kind of substrate of faucet is more reliable? In fact, zinc alloy is not suitable for making direct contact with water. The cartridge of zinc alloy faucet is easy […]

How To Check If The Product Meets The Health And Non-Toxic Certification In The US And Canada?

Entering the website online: You can see that IAPMO R&T is an authoritative organization specializing in American sanitary ware certification, on which you can confirm whether the product has obtained a healthy and non-toxic international certification. Select “Listee Name”, and enter the company name “VANCHI” in the search box, then the company name “VANCHI […]