Why VANCHI Faucets Use High Quality Brass As The Raw Material?

As we know, there are 3 kinds of faucets mainly sold in the market, which including brass faucets, stainless steel faucets and zinc alloy faucets. So which kind of substrate of faucet is more reliable?

In fact, zinc alloy is not suitable for making direct contact with water. The cartridge of zinc alloy faucet is easy to corrode and the crack will occur when it is used for a long time. Moreover, zinc alloy faucets and fittings are extremely easy to oxidize. After long soaking time, they will release zinc, lead and other harmful heavy metals to the human body.
Then, the stainless steel contains chromium, nickel and other elements. Chromium is toxic and will destroy the body’s natural DNA, liver, kidney, etc., which will cause carcinogenic hazards and even gene mutation. In addition, when the water is sterilized by chlorine, the internal isotopes can be assimilated and corroded the faucets.
Finnally, copper itself has good antibacterial properties. The higher the content of copper, the lower the precipitation of heavy metals. In general, the copper content is more than 59%, which can be called high quality copper. Currently on the market, copper content of a lot of copper faucets is 53%~55%, but some unscrupulous merchants are still selling their faucets under the cover of pure copper. That’s why VANCHI chose high quality brass as the raw material for faucets.

VANCHI is a professional manufacturer that provides thermostatic mixer showershower systemsbathroom faucetskitchen faucets and bathroom accessories and so on. It provides you with the unique, good quality and intelligent of innovative solutions. It owns >1200 international product certifications , such as North American market certification cUPC, health non-toxic NSF/ANSI 61, LOW-LEAD, French ACS, European market CE, EN817,thermostatic technical specifications certification EN1111. 
VANCHI has always insisted from the selection of high quality copper to the manufacture of the faucet and strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality control system. Above all, to provide customers with the best products has always been our philosophy.

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom Faucets VANCHI offers different types of bathroom faucets to fit your bathroom configurations, such as single hole(available in “S”,”M”,”L” three sizes), widespread and wall-mount etc.

Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucets
VANCHI offers different types of kitchen faucets to fit your kitchen configurations, such as normal single hole, pull out and pull down, etc.

Thermostati Mixer Shower

Thermostati Mixer ShowerThrough 10 years of research and market practice, the thermostatic technology of thermostatic mixer shower is  stable in structure, performance and workmanship.

Shower systems

Shower systems
There are a variety of configuration options for shower systems, such as shower head, handheld shower, flexible hose, shower hook, sliding bar, etc. For more details about VANCHI brass faucet? Please feel free to contact sales@vanchi.vn