Why pays great attention to safety production?

With the strong sense of social responsibility, VANCHI pays great attention to safety in production, because it realizes that safety in production is a responsibility. Not only responsible for ourselves, but also responsible for the family, even more responsible for the employees, and responsible for the company.

Therefore, the experts are invited to the VANCHI factory every year to conduct safety production training and operation for all our employees, and inspect the safety production environment such as fire fighting equipment, to provide us professional knowledge guidance for the preservation environment and expiration date of fire-fighting equipment, and on-site explain the matters needing attention in safety production, which in order to improve employees awareness of safety production.

The practical operation of fire extinguisher
The training of fire knowledge

In addition, VANCHI will formulate safety guidances for different workshop to standardize their production operations and avoid the occurrence of accidents.

On the basic of safety production, VANCHI has always taken sustainable development concept as its production and enterprise development philosophy, which insists to produce the high-quality, intelligent and environmental faucets, strives to create the better green environment and working atmosphere.

Thermostatic Shower System

VANCHI intelligent thermostatic shower system adopt thermostatic cartridge of SMA nickel titanium alloy. In 0.2 seconds,the water temperature error is controlled at about ±1°C to achieve accurate temperature control.

Lavatory Faucet

VANCHI environmental lavatory faucet adopts Swiss original aerator, which allows the flow of water and air to fully mix, so that the water flow has foaming effect, thereby effectively reducing water consumption.

Kitchen Sink Faucets

VANCHI kitchen sink faucets adopt high quality brass raw material, which meet German 4MS standard and America LOW-LEAD standard.