The leader of thermostatic mixers

The leader of thermostatic mixers

Through 10 years of thermostatic technology research and market practice, VANCHI constantly explore, digest, absorb, and innovate, aim to make the thermostatic technology stable in structure, performance and workmanship, And finally formed VANCHI’s core technology and Independent intellectual property. In 2017, VANCHI thermostatic technology won the nationalhigh-tech patent.

In the future, VANCHI will continue to invest heavily in technological innovation and new fields. Through technological innovation and exploration in new fields, customers can experience the biggest benefit from the new technologies. VANCHI Focus on the products, deepen the market, be professional in sanitary ware industry, and become the leader of new technologies.

Intelligent & eco-friendly new thermostatic technology

38℃ Thermostatic

The output water temperature can be stable in comfortable 38℃, which can avoid the body discomfort and security threat causing by unstable water temperature.

Adjustable Temperature

Equipped with thermostatic button that can be set the temperature to your desired according to personal preference or physical condition.


Equipped with thermostatic button that can be set the temperature to your desired according to personal preference or physical condition.

Secure Stop

When the cold water suddenly interrupts, the thermostatic valve can automatically turn off the hot water in an instant.

Water Saving

ECO water saving technology designed to save water and energy so that precious resources are conserved. Less water,Perfect flow.

Prevent Water Channeling

The hot and cold water inlet is designed to prevent backflow.It can effectively prevent water channeling under the condition of unbalance of hot and cold water pressure.

New Thermostatic Cartridge

Using the intelligent thermostatic cartridge of SMA nickel titanium alloy,and Nickel titanium elements are extremely sensitive.In 0.2 seconds,the water temperature error is controlled at about ±1°C to achieve accurate temperature control.

Integrated Functional Cartridge

Leading cartridge technology, ON/OFF water is controlled with one diverter. The threegears control is more convenient and easy, and the comfortable shower can be easilyenjoyed.

Multifunctional s-connecter

Small control button can control flow and the size of water supply,adjust the water pressure and achieve the best shower effect.

Large control button can self-cleanng and preventing impurities from causing the thermostatic element to malfunction.

Easy System

One mono-block internal cartridge,which you can take out and put back in matter of seconds.

How does thermostatic mixer work?

VANCHI thermostatic mixer consists of two valves, one thermostatic and one integrated functional valve. The thermostatic valve will only adjust the temperature of the water and the integrated functional valve will turn the unit on and off and adjust the water outlet ways. The thermostatic valve has a security stop preset at 38 degree centigrade (equal to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). The temperature override button will allow the user to exceed this temperature and reach temperatures of up to 50 degree centigrade (equal to 122 degrees Fahrenheit). It provides Thermostatic Control, Temperature Consistency, and Temperature Memory.

Wall-mounted thermostatic teachnology

VANCHI new bulit-in system makes wall installation of the thermostatic mixer easier even before tiling or plaster works and allows for the adjustment of the valve in the right position and guides for required depth of the wall recess.A safe system that protects the mixer from debris and gives easy access for the maintenance and replacement of the cartridges and filters.

VANCHI provide you customized professional solution for thermostatic mixers

  • 10years thermostatic technology & Markerket experience
  • Solution for Wall-mountedThermostatic Showers
  • Solution for Exposed ThermostaticMixers