Then use the pieces as building blocks for a new artwork — a collage. See how your original artwork transforms into something new and exciting, something unpredictable. This exercise illuminates the close proximity between creation and destruction, encouraging us to take risks to push ourselves creatively and in other aspects of life. ECHO Recovery is a nonprofit foundation Art Therapy: Create To Recover and education organization intended to provide tools and resources to those struggling with SUD. We are proud to offer a housing program for those who wish to seek recovery and continue our efforts to help people find healing through the power of art. Art has existed for millennia, both as an essential form of communication and as a means of creative expression.

recovery painting ideas

The creative process allows patients to access repressed feelings and begin to understand the underlying sources of their addictions. Watercolor, in general, creates soft, beautiful pieces of color that evoke all sorts of emotions. This art form is often used to relieve stress and relax the mind, making it a great tool for addiction recovery. It helps the painter express feelings in a safe and supportive way. Writing is often seen as a more structured form of art, but abstract writing as a legitimate art form has been gaining popularity.

Expressive Arts Florida Institute

Art therapy is a holistic treatment that provides the tools to cope with triggers like anger and loneliness. It teaches you how to overcome emotional roadblocks and express yourself when communicating with others. You can notice your creative output evolve as you reconnect with your innermost thoughts and feelings. has free resources that can help you introduce expressive arts interventions into your practice.

If you’re looking for more science-based ways to help others enhance their wellbeing, check out this signature collection of 17 validated positive psychology tools for practitioners. This graduate degree program with a duration of two years full time or three years part time at Hong Kong University is the only one available in Asia. Participants benefit by relaxing, becoming more present, and through an enhanced sense of creativity and flow. To make a mandala from scratch, the client needs to draw a circle (perhaps tracing around a circular object or using a compass) and then fill the circle in with spontaneous patterns and colors.

Integrating Substance Use Services into the Healthcare System

The participants will put together inspirational words or phrases that they feel define their core values. Glue the phrases onto the cardboard to create a collage of positive, self-healing words. Art therapy is more than an emotional outlet; it’s a manifestation of a person’s inner being. There’s beauty in that, and often inspires a person to delve further into their artistry, while helping others step outside of the fear of judgment to begin exploring art therapy for themselves.

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