General knowledge of faucet maintenance

In daily use, cleaning faucet is a very important part of the maintenance of faucets, but most of the people are confused about it. So that today we’re going to teach you how to keep the clean faucets.

  1. Using soft cloth coated with toothpaste and water to clean the surface. Do not wipe with alkaline detergents, scouring pad or steel ball so as not to damage the electroplating surface.
  2. The single handle faucet should be opened and closed slowly during its operation. The double handle faucet can not be shutted too tight, otherwise it will cause the stopcock drops off and unable to shut down and stop flow.
  3. The faucet is equipped with a bubbler usually. Due to the water quality problems, often leading to the faucets used for a period of time became low flow. This may be the bubbler is clogged with sundries, so that we should unscrew and clean the bubbler with water or needle to remove the sundries.
  4. The surface plating of some brands is quite thick, but it also causes the fatal injuries to faucets.  They cannot withstand hard objects touching or grinding. Therefore, we should avoid contacting with ring and other hard objects when using faucets.