Kitchen faucets buying guide

Your kitchen faucet is one of the most frequently used fixtures in your home and one of the key focal points in your kitchen. Once simply a tool for food preparation and washing dishes, today’s kitchen faucets offer exciting new features and enhanced functionality designed to provide ease-of-use and years of trouble-free operation. Tip: Take […]

VANCHI® new collections has been launched

VANCHI® new collections has been launched After a year of efforts by the VANCHI®  products designer and R&D department ,VANCHI® 2017 new collections has been launched. We are glad to share the details of the new collections with you. Look forward to meeting you in Kaiping new factory. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact […]

General knowledge of faucet maintenance

In daily use, cleaning faucet is a very important part of the maintenance of faucets, but most of the people are confused about it. So that today we’re going to teach you how to keep the clean faucets.

What are the advantages of brass faucet?

1. The technology of brass faucets is mature and very malleable with convenient processing, which can manufacture various shapes. 2. The process of surface treatment is very diverse, brushed, painting, polishing and so on, but also can create high-brightness mirror coating. 3. High grade faucet makes great demands on brass and coating. With high quality […]

Water-saving faucet features a variety of functions

Sensor series of new-type faucets, which are more common in the bathrooms of the hotel and the shopping mall, providing a intelligent and good experience. Kitchen faucets are generally high-arch spouts and can swivel easily, installed in the middle of the two kitchen sinks. This kind of faucets can be flexible use, but also reduce […]

Why choose VANCHI brass faucet?

The main sales on the market are copper alloy faucets, stainless steel faucets and zinc alloy faucets. So which kind of substrate of faucet is more reliable? In recent years, due to the rapid rise of copper prices, some manufacturers began to look for alternatives. Therefore, easy to cast zinc alloy with low cost has […]

Over 1000 VANCHI faucets have been obtained CUPC Certificate!

VANCHI specializes in providing you with high quality sanitary wares such as thermostatic faucets, shower systems, bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets and bathroom accessories. VANCHI has many years of experience in the North American market.In order to further explore the North American market,provide more innovations and personalized products to help the customers occupy the market share. […]