brand development

Vanchi is a perfect interpretation of high standard

The Shield logo of VANCHI is the combination of rigidity and soft. Shield means power.
It’s the symbolization of strength and protection. Flexibility of Curved line also can be
found on the top of shield; both strength and tenderness form the complete design of our
VANCHI LOGO. Shield culture also is the combination of western culture and Eastern
culture in today’s globalization world.


When a couple studied abroad, they found that the badge design of many historic universities looks like a shield in western countries.

In the west, shield not only stands for a blend of strength and tenderness, but for the blessing of God, eternal love and happiness. In the meantime, in the east, shield symbolizes safety and protection.

After came back home, they design the logo of their company created like a shield, which represented lasting love and care is extremely important for a family.

Shield culture expresses their aspiration to make VANCHI to be a glory century enterprise.”Give customer the best” is still the philosophy of our VANCHI today.

brand development