Advanced Technologies

Smooth Moving

Smooth handling for effortless precision and ultimate comfort for a lifetime. VANCHI always use HI-tech and good quality of cartridges for its faucets and mixers

VANCHI faucet selection of high-quality ceramic cartridge, and coated with a special lubrication coating, which has the advantages of aging resistance, abrasion resistance, non-corrosion, and no need of maintenance. It ensures the stability of operation, makes the leading timeless and allows you to use the process to enjoy smooth and comfortable.

Shining Surface

Long-lasting surface. VANCHI uses the state-of-the-art machinery to deliver exceptional quality finishes. The PVD plating process not only makes the plating layers so densified and smooth, the mirror-like finishing lasts for a long time, but also ensures that the surface composition is three-times harder. Meanwhile, it is ten times more scratch resistant, so it can be cherished for a lifetime.

Mute Operation

Innovative water technology delivering whisper-quiet acoustics. Noise-reducer is installed inside the cartridge, there is no sound transfer from the mixer when you switch on the mixer.

Water Saving

Water saving

VANCHI Most of the faucet imported Swiss original aerator, rich water at the same time can do noise reduction splash, is the love of energy saving and environmental protection of your choice.

Multi-Spray Pattern

VANCHI Multi-spray pattern technology is at the heart of every VANCHI shower.

The advanced shower engines inside the shower head deliver utmost precision and consistent water distribution to each individual nozzle. The shower head has a variety of options such as massage spray, cylindrical spray, mist spray, rain spray, waterfall spray, etc. Whatever spray pattern you choose, for whatever your mood, you will be assured of sheer fun under the shower.

Turbocharging technology, air injection type top shower

The “turbocharging” and “air injection” technologies of the VANCHI top shower are leading level in the industry. The shower head oscillates under the action of spiral waterways and aerodynamic devices, forming a mixture of air and water. It finely sprays and rich in bubbles, producing billions of oxygen ions. Not only provides a good shower effect, but also has the function of health massage, which is conducive to the body to promote blood circulation and has obvious effect on eliminating fatigue.

Self-Clean Rain Shower