2019 bathroom design trends

Matte Black Finish

When it comes to 2019 bathroom design trend, no doubt is Matte Black. Matte Black as a popular trend of faucet finish this year, compared with other finishes, clear contrast of layers and Matte Black, entirely keep the clean and smooth of whole apace, rich in imagination. VANCHI has devoted unparalleled attention to the design of products, constantly pursuing perfection and innovation, creating bathroom faucets with novel design, giving them unlimited vitality and charm.

Minimalist Design

VANCHI has been kept up with the trend, launching basin faucets with Matte Black finish. Matte Black embodies the beautifully understated elements of minimalist design that blends in seamlessly with any bathroom decor. 

Shower Collection

VANCHI is a professional faucet manufacturer offering various bathroom solutions. Among them, Matte Black shower collection includes thermostatic shower system, pressure balancing valve and single-lever shower system, which can be combined freely with shower accessories.

Perfect Match

VANCHI Matte Black freestanding bath faucet with the stylish and unique appearance is perfect for your freestanding bathtubs, creating a simple and pure fashion bathroom space that perfectly matched to bathroom designs. 

Unified Style

Bathroom environment needs a unified style to maximize the style of charm, bathroom accessories are the finishing touch. This Matte Black bathroom accessories are accurately shaped, precision welded. Ensure that every small right angle, roundness, and straight line are flawless.